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4th-Jan-2006 09:16 pm - Back home and out of the hosiptal
Turrent K9
wooo what a nice start to being back home. X_X I was in the hosiptalfor two days apendex was in flamed has to get it removed O_o >_>i fear needles much less the though of geting sliced open anywho wentthough with it got a nice 5 inch scare X_X and right now siting semiunconftbly in my desk chair :P yeah the muscles i use for walkingcoughing and talking are still reattactiong so most things hurt X_X yayanywho glad to be back home surounded by friends family loved ones andporn ^_^
Turrent HMO
Well as anyone who occationaly reads my LJ i don't update much all i do is really go silent for a while. Well there has been a fairly good reason for it been rather busy. With work. I've been working at my current job for nearly two months now. Not a bad job just alittle time consuming espcialy since its at over night hours which is alright just means i don't get much of a chance to talk with anyone or do much of anything else. Busy busy busy. Anywho i've been working as mall security at the garden state plaza mall. Between the hours of 11 pm to 7 am and it has taken alot out of my social and online life been to sleepy to go on. Also with midnite at home i have to drive him to and from work which i don't mind. Anywho this was my lil up date take care all and happy thanks giving.
28th-Oct-2005 02:24 am(no subject)
Turrent HMO
simply yay 22 :3 and going to furfright
9th-Aug-2005 07:21 pm - Well i've been busy
Turrent Grisser
Well for those who though i'd never get a job a i got one. Its a pretty bad job but its one at least.
Its a abercrombie and Finch over night crew. The nice parts to it is i really can dress fairly confertble.
IE sandles and so forth. Along with no one cares that i'm wearing headphones. But the bad parts.
Are in how they treat us. Its half what i think abusive in a sence. The other night monday at 12 am
came in and found the store hot as fuck my guess it was almost 100 degrees inside that place. The
store its self has no aircondition and the mall turns off its own air saterday at 10 pm mind you the store
leaves its halogen all weekend "for safety" anyway. It was hot to the point i soaked my shirt back with in
less then an hour. Mind you after 2 hours of work i noticed it was geting alittle hard to breath and i was lightly
dizzy anywho i went out in the mall halls took less then a min worth of air and went back in. We didn't get break till
5 am there was no food or drinks and the only good water was in a vending machine. Which i'm broke so yeah no water
the only water was in the mall restrooms which they told me to please wait for break before going for a walk.
And also the whole thing of being under time constrains and so forth it was so annoying and really stressfull.
The store also expects me to fold as good as someone who's worked there for 2 years. Mind you the way they want
you to fold is so the store looks like it was folded by the same person. Which if you know me i'm not one with an eye
for major perfection.

Anywho. I'm pushing foward to get the money i'd need to pay my one month over due car insurance bill. Hoping
that i get my check soon so i can put some money towards it or i'm screwed. At the same time looking for other
work as best as i can hoping something else will turn up so i can leave that job. It's a job i know but i need to find
something i'm better suited for. I can't really do that kind of work under so much presure and heat. Its insane.
Half the people there don't know they have workers rights. most if not nearly all are hispanic i'm sorry to see
other people like me working in those kind of conditions but anywho i digress.

Other then that i've started to really miss seeing sniffs. Barely get any time to see each other any more.
I see him on a single day bases per week if that depending on how his family is feeling about. Its nice to have
midnite living with me but i miss my kitty. its been such a long time since i've had time to really sit down and have
just some time with him.

And right now i'm alittle worried about the whole moving thing the gov. put rental assitance on hold till
they deside weither its worth to keep funding. Along with that the worry about if i can bring my dog with me
my mom can't really carry on with him after i move out and the major thing is she can't really take him to live with her
her only oppion would be to put the dog to sleep if i can't take him. Which the thought terrifies me. I love my dog to much
to have him put down at his age muchless put him up for adoption. All i can do is hope and keep at it.

Both me and midnite are working hard towards one geting our selves some money so we can do things along wtih maintain our selves
and aswell to pay kitty back and help him out for once. In a sence he owns us just on the acount of money he has given us to help us
both out. Well other then that just trying to get in touch with some friends. Missing one bear in particular since i barely get to talk to him
nor me, midnite, or sniffs has talked to. Life has just been a blur of worries and work but i guess i'm doing alright for my self. well i'm off for dinner.
25th-Jun-2005 10:21 am - Wooo legal driver
Turrent HMO
yay i got my car totaly set up she runs good and i'm happy to have her ^^ *dances nakid* oh O_O TMI anywho its really all i wanted to say
oh yeah happy pride day to all you gays and bis :3
Turrent HMO
Well this weekend went really nicely. Between being with my kitten all week it was nice to Go with is dad and him to see batman
The movie was really good cept i had my issues with things here and there won't really comment on the negative aspects of the movie.
Anywho Kitty came over friday taking friday off from work for stress reasons after 17 hours of sleep friday and 4 hours extra saterday.
Kitty was feeling rather good was nice to have him in a nice good mood all weekend fairly snuggly :P he loves playing mind games with me
anyone who knows me at times those are easy to go over my head and i'll think he's serious specialy since you can't tell from his voice
or facial expression if he's joking. Anywho going on saterday was a sleep in sorta day. Sunday comes around i wake up at about 9 am
sadly no one was awake so i couldn't get stright to work i offered to do the lawn for my mate's dad cause it was his day. Anywho got it done
around 10:15 and only took about 45 mins to do the front yard the back yard and the top of the hill. After that i came back in with in 10 mins
his dad called us up to go out to the movies went pretty well. got there in a timely fassion. Other then a few kids who talked now and then
movie was watched with out a hitch. moving on since monday finshing up the argments of who's gunna be in our room as well as helping midnite
get his IDs so all will go well for his arival and con going. Well officaly its Me, my mate Sniffs, Midnite, Ursus, Mith. A nice confy room of friends
anywho. Oh yeah :3 i'm insured just waiting on the papers to get here and reigster the car :3

On another note there WILL be a post con furmeet sorta to anti PCD meet :3 at my house. More will go up depending on how many are willing to come.
IT will be the weekend after the con. :3 lemme know if anyone is intrested
11th-Jun-2005 02:40 pm - Just some thoughts
Turrent HMO
Its been a while since i've actualy sat down and expressed some of my thoughts.
Well things as of resent have been going alright for the most part. I'm geting closer
to having my car back which makes me some what happy. Insurance has been mailed
out so i'm mostly waiting on aproval or denial hoping for the aproval. Anywho my relationship
is strong as always. Just been alittle worried about my mate sniffs. Seeming alittle more depressed
then normaly and a bit more easly agtated. NO i'm not thinking of leaving him. Just worried
about him its no way for him to be. Very downed and and usally hair pin triger for anger.
His meds as of resent don't do much of anything any more. We both don't really know what todo.
My poor kitty is always thinking how unfair things have been. Really to me it doesn't matter.
He just feels its unfair the he doesn't have a sex drive to want to really sexualy pleasure me and such
i really don't care about the sex he's all i care about. Yeah sex was always fun and meaningfull. I just
don't really expect it. He also looks at pics or flash animations of sex. And the sight of them make him sad
i can just tell in his eyes beside the times he just says it. The thought of remember when we used to just go
at it just seem to get to him. Remembering switching out with me like me toping him then him me. It all gets
to him. I really don't want him to feel that way. I like and love sex but i don't want him to force it on him self
to feel obigated to really do that act. Nor do i want him to think secretly that i'm trying to find another manner.
Really i'm just happy waiting for him to feel better. And i know he'll get his drive back at some point. I've had
my own points were i've lost intrest in sex. All i want his better being for his health both mentaly and physicaly.
On another note I offical have my title to my car so she is legaly mine. Woo. Now just insurance and reigstration.
I'm partly wondering if anyone will actualy make it to our little party other then the few we know were coming
before we desided to make a small party out of it.

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Laters guys and gals

Super Toopers quote "You stop that laughing right meow boy."
7th-Jun-2005 01:45 pm - The month goes by
Turrent HMO
Well this weekend wasn't completely crazy but was rather fun. Me and my mate Sniffs sniffsbutterkit went to a gun range with his friend trafford
anywho thats was rather fun messing around with semi automatic death weapons :P I'll get in to the details behind a cut. Along with that it was mostly
a sleepy weekend both were fairly tired and the retardedly hot weather just made you want to stay in bed. I got alot of gaming done so was fun.
along with talking with others.
On a diffent note a friend of mine a good friend i should say just offered to give me the 300 bucks i'd need to paint my car. I was like no! >_< i really
don't know if i can go thought with it he really would like to see my car with a single coat of paint. He's even giving me his old sub. Which i'll wire in
after i got a stero to actualy attact it to I still have to stock radio in there. Anywho i'm looking foward to this weekend gunna be mailing out our applcations
for insurece me and my mother i mean. Hopefully by next weekend driving :3 wooo. Oh yeah on another note me and sniffs are having alittle privet pre AC party
were welcoming almost anyone who'd like to come but its totaly RSVP we need to know whos coming. As well to note we'll be leving for AC wendsay so if your coming
were leaving wendsay afternoon to make our check in time.
Other then that not that much has happend really just really quiet and moving on so forth.

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Well laters guys :3
1st-Jun-2005 02:24 pm(no subject)
Turrent HMO
Well there was no meet but the weekend was so nice and peacefull
it was just me and my mate lan gaming was rather nice in its own way
to have no one come over would have been nice if someone came but
oh well make the best out of what you can no? Well moving on sniffs
got a few dvds this week we got to see two of them one was behind enemy lines
the other was super toopers great movies awesome watch along with
playing lan games of fireams all weekend. We got to try a quiznos sub
great food to be honst never had it before but plan on it now as well
having a major addiction to sobe drinks. Oh also i won two weeks
at balies total fitness from under the sobe cap. On other good news in two weeks
i'll be apply for insures woo yay me. :3 My car is just beging to go out side.
Such nice weather we've been having and so forth.

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25th-May-2005 07:21 pm - Meet update and post
Turrent HMO
Well to add more to the information to the meet.
well from the looks of it no one is really gunna come either previous plans or are simply sick.

The meet will be held at my apartment in hawthorne. Basicly
its a meet that starts around 2pm and ends about sunday after people leave.
There should be a gas grill so grilled food are on the menu. There isn't
that much food to being with so please bring something with you.
There's a decent amount of crash space in my living room note there
are no couches so expect a floor spot. Bring a pillow and sheets if you can't bring a sleeping bag
Uh basicly only stuff planed is grilling TV,Movies, and gaming.
Other then that its just a friendly sorta deal.
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