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Never ending barking
my lil scratches
The flu a work week robbery and cash. 
4th-Jul-2006 08:05 pm
Turrent HMO
Well its finaly time for an update in my journal anywho well. Time to talk about stuff. Super late but went to ac saw lots of people took photographs which made me happy which you can find at DA Along with that i got a few commsions and a gift piece which i'm rather happy with which can be found at FA moving on a week later thanks to bios i went up to CT to make some quick cash at a carnval he works for it was tough work tearing down rides with the flu and in a down pour but had a nice time reguardless. Moving on to pride. Went with bios louie furrywolfy and two others ford and another who's name illudes me. Thanks to bios for the work and food and bed space for that whole week ish. Well after that midnite went to go look for something in my car the one time i didn't lock my doors and my car was gotten in to. My car radio was jacked my EZ pass along with my life's worth of CDs sadly enough but to boot they robbed my ashtray full of pennies :P oh well thanks to bios' house mate i got a newer radio for five bucks only thing is need to get a wire harness for it both for my car and the radio since he couldn't find the one that was for the radio. Late bios' land lord went crazy and bitched him out so we ended up having to stay with Rex Wuff. Thank him to for having a space for us to sleep. At the end of that week we made enough for some food insurance and a few other things. Going back this week to hopefully make alittle more then come back and find work.
27th-Oct-2006 04:11 am (UTC)
Happy birthday!
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