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Something On A Diffent foot 
23rd-Jan-2006 07:10 pm
Turrent HMO
Well something outside of my of my problems. The moving i've been waiting nearly 2 years for is finaly coming out yay. April this year Silent Hill the movie is coming out yayness Thanks to Keto for relaying the trailer. I over looked the video and saw some really good things and a few changes that i don't mind too much. And there are as fallows.

Well i sat down watched the trailer and went to the site. It seems well made and true to the orginaly story noting some changes main character was male big deal moving on :P The sounds it seems they took from both silent hill one and two awesome ^_^. Yes i know because i have the sound tracks. *is stupid that way* Anywho. I'm quite content in seeing the school and the nurses. I'm courious about if they will do a good job with the "otherside" from what i can tell its all good. :3 thanks for sharing it i've been waiting 2 years for this XD.

If you need a downloadable version contact me.


Outside of that i'll keep everyone posted on my problems as they come up.
24th-Jan-2006 03:18 am (UTC)
I've been waiting for this too,I was like all giddy when I saw the site =P I mean giggling insanly giddy =P I'm wierd lol I need to get the soundtracks as well, only one I have is SH3 soundtrack. I sooo can't wait to see this movie :D

And I've seen what's happed in your journals, I really hope things get cleared up for you.
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