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Staples out and buried neck deep in debt 
18th-Jan-2006 02:54 pm
Turrent HMO
Well monday i got the staples finaly taken out and yesterday i went and took care of chairty care. As i sat down with them i asked them a few questions as to why no one offered my a doctor that would take chairty care. It sliped my mind at the moment but when i got home i relized no one told me that the doctors would not be covered for by chairty care. Really if i come to the ER with out any insurance and i apply for chairty care doesn't that mean i don;t have any money to pay insurance muchless doctors. Anywho a few days ago i got a bill from my sugron for $2600.00. I'm thinking to my self what the fuck is this?! Later that same week i get another bill from my astizlogist [Spelling?] for $1680.00 I'm wondering what the hell is chairty care paying for i'm nearly paying for everything after yesterday i found out all the chairty care will be covering for is the hosptial stay no doctors and no test that were given and some how therey paying round $3500 now i'm still left with over $4000 dollors in debt now mind you i make a meger $9.50 an hour right now i'm on disabity which i need to apply for short term disabity so i can get some income or i'll be broke since i'm gunna be out for at least 2 more weeks. I can't take such a loss in my pocket right now. My mother is helping me with the surgon bill what the hell am i suposed todo about the other one i don't have that kind of money. And there asking for all of it at once. God.... Anyway i'm gunna be looking for a laywer to consolt wiht me if the hopstial jiped me cause i was never told that i had to pay the doctors off my self no one told me that chairty care won't be covering for anything but my stay there. I feel like i've been robed in a way. Yeah i needed said surgry but after i get out i'm nearly unable todo anything.
18th-Jan-2006 08:16 pm (UTC)
holy shit.. 2,600? o_O
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