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27th-Oct-2006 01:38 am - Happy Birthday to me
Turrent HMO
Well i'm 23 O_O really wahts so special about that?

ANywho My poor ass now has had a job for a short while as a Fast food employee yes it sucks but its money other then that i've got no life :P
Turrent HMO
Well its finaly time for an update in my journal anywho well. Time to talk about stuff. Super late but went to ac saw lots of people took photographs which made me happy which you can find at DA Along with that i got a few commsions and a gift piece which i'm rather happy with which can be found at FA moving on a week later thanks to bios i went up to CT to make some quick cash at a carnval he works for it was tough work tearing down rides with the flu and in a down pour but had a nice time reguardless. Moving on to pride. Went with bios louie furrywolfy and two others ford and another who's name illudes me. Thanks to bios for the work and food and bed space for that whole week ish. Well after that midnite went to go look for something in my car the one time i didn't lock my doors and my car was gotten in to. My car radio was jacked my EZ pass along with my life's worth of CDs sadly enough but to boot they robbed my ashtray full of pennies :P oh well thanks to bios' house mate i got a newer radio for five bucks only thing is need to get a wire harness for it both for my car and the radio since he couldn't find the one that was for the radio. Late bios' land lord went crazy and bitched him out so we ended up having to stay with Rex Wuff. Thank him to for having a space for us to sleep. At the end of that week we made enough for some food insurance and a few other things. Going back this week to hopefully make alittle more then come back and find work.
28th-May-2006 11:06 pm - Party info
Turrent HMO
Well apon some thinking i'll be alowing people to come over as early as friday if some people would prefer just crashing here the day before I've got no RSVPs so far.
:3 but still looking foward to seeing some
27th-May-2006 06:45 pm - Trying to have a party like meet.
Turrent HMO
Well I've got my home totaly to my self and midnite and i was thinking the weekend of the. 3rd and the 4th. Um i've got alot of floor space for people to sleep on between the two floors.
I'm hoping for people to RSVP due to needing to manage space and such but walk in's are welcome. Also food amounts will be dependant on what people bring. I've got a grill. And a kitchen so cooking
surfaces. So we've got alot of space the party will be taking place mostly in the attic space. Since its rather well insulated and the air conditioning is pretty good up here.
23rd-Jan-2006 07:10 pm - Something On A Diffent foot
Turrent HMO
Well something outside of my of my problems. The moving i've been waiting nearly 2 years for is finaly coming out yay. April this year Silent Hill the movie is coming out yayness Thanks to Keto for relaying the trailer. I over looked the video and saw some really good things and a few changes that i don't mind too much. And there are as fallows.

Well i sat down watched the trailer and went to the site. It seems well made and true to the orginaly story noting some changes main character was male big deal moving on :P The sounds it seems they took from both silent hill one and two awesome ^_^. Yes i know because i have the sound tracks. *is stupid that way* Anywho. I'm quite content in seeing the school and the nurses. I'm courious about if they will do a good job with the "otherside" from what i can tell its all good. :3 thanks for sharing it i've been waiting 2 years for this XD.

If you need a downloadable version contact me.


Outside of that i'll keep everyone posted on my problems as they come up.
Turrent HMO
god damn it i must have some really bad luck or something hanging over me i went to get my check today it wasn't gunna be much i spend 10 mins waiting aside only to find out i've been termnated O_O WTF?! >_> they said i was hired seasonaly but i didn't think you could fire anyone espcialy if there on a medical >_< god damn my luck to hell and i can't pick up my check till tomarrow when i can bring in all my uniform pieces cause they won't give me my check till i return my uniform >_< i hate my luck
19th-Jan-2006 01:52 pm - HOLLY SHIT!
Turrent HMO
well less thne an hour ago i got a nice bill for 32,050,31 now my question is WTF O_O holy crist i'm nearly 40 grand in debt in under a month and i didn't get anything shiny and new out of the whole deal as bad as this all sounds it only gets worse i need to figure out if i can get a laywer to fight this cause this is sheer insanity... O_O i signed up for chairty care how in hell does someone who can't aford insurance suposed to pay such a bill -__- bankrupsyis starting to sound good the little credit i have built up will be destroyed in a matter of moments >_
Turrent HMO
Well monday i got the staples finaly taken out and yesterday i went and took care of chairty care. As i sat down with them i asked them a few questions as to why no one offered my a doctor that would take chairty care. It sliped my mind at the moment but when i got home i relized no one told me that the doctors would not be covered for by chairty care. Really if i come to the ER with out any insurance and i apply for chairty care doesn't that mean i don;t have any money to pay insurance muchless doctors. Anywho a few days ago i got a bill from my sugron for $2600.00. I'm thinking to my self what the fuck is this?! Later that same week i get another bill from my astizlogist [Spelling?] for $1680.00 I'm wondering what the hell is chairty care paying for i'm nearly paying for everything after yesterday i found out all the chairty care will be covering for is the hosptial stay no doctors and no test that were given and some how therey paying round $3500 now i'm still left with over $4000 dollors in debt now mind you i make a meger $9.50 an hour right now i'm on disabity which i need to apply for short term disabity so i can get some income or i'll be broke since i'm gunna be out for at least 2 more weeks. I can't take such a loss in my pocket right now. My mother is helping me with the surgon bill what the hell am i suposed todo about the other one i don't have that kind of money. And there asking for all of it at once. God.... Anyway i'm gunna be looking for a laywer to consolt wiht me if the hopstial jiped me cause i was never told that i had to pay the doctors off my self no one told me that chairty care won't be covering for anything but my stay there. I feel like i've been robed in a way. Yeah i needed said surgry but after i get out i'm nearly unable todo anything.
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